how to clean suede couch

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Help!!! How to Get Sharpie off of Microsuede Chair

I've gotten Sharpie Marker out of my microsuede couch with just regular carpet .... First, don't use the Mr. Clean ereasers, they are abrasive and will ruin ...

Help!!! Theres Ink on My Couch :(

When we purchased our "Enduro-suede" couches from Sofa Mart they gave us kits for each piece with cleaning solutions (one for light and one for heavy ...

My 22 Month Old Is Trying Out New Art Techniques!

wipe with a clean dry cloth, use a white linen free cloth. Overall Tips & Warnings ***** If a grease stain remains, ..... How to Clean a Micro Suede Couch ...

Dry Erase Markers and Couches Don't Mix

... hurt suede to use alcohol on it. We just used a spray bottle and a white wash cloth to apply/clean it. .... Dry Erase Marker in Microsuede Couch - HELP! ...

Cleaning Spit-Up

We had a catastrophe this morning and I would like to clean it properly the first..." ... How to Clean a Micro Suede Couch ...

Sharpie on Leather Sofa

I use Sol-U-Mel to take Sharpie marker off of ANYTHING - even suede couches and tile floors! It's the best thing there is - and it's safe for kids, too! ...

How to remove crayon stain on the couch?

Sep 27, 2009 ... ours come off with just a damp paper towel (we have a microfiber "faux-suede " couch). ... Need Help to Clean Car Seat with Melted Crayon ...

Pen on Leather

I know that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work on ultra suede, and I have used them to get ... Sol-u-mel has gotten permenant marker off my suede couch, walls, ...

Help with Upholstery

If it's just a micro-suede/fiber that's damaged or torn (usually you can get stains ... Microsuede/Microfiber Couch · 69 · How to Clean a Micro Suede Couch ...
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