how many naps should a 5 month old take

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Breastfeeding & Napping Issues

As far as the naps go my daughter took many short naps until 8 12 months when she ..... Cant Get My 4.5 Month Old to Sleep Longer than 2045 Minute Naps ...

Seeking Advice for a 4-Month Old Who Won't Nap

Read all 12 responses: "Hi - Our 4 month old used to nap well but in the last ... the night with 2 solid long naps for many many months (so it gets better). ... week 5 without waking up. She doesn't take long naps during the day either. .... excessive drooling 15 month old · how much should my 16 month old sleep ...

I Cant Get My 7 Month Old to Take Naps!!

Read all 10 responses: "My 7 month old daughter will only take naps in my arms. It strted at about 5 months old when we did a lot of traveling and I had no ... Once baby realizes there is music on, she will should start to settle ... There are many different styles out there for all kinds of different body types. ...

2 Month Old Doesn't Nap.

She should nap after being awake about 2 hours each time - this should end up being about 3X ... My four month old daughter has never been one to take naps either. ... 99% of the time, she is down for the night, at least until aboun 5 or 6 a.m. ... The sleep patterns will change Many times over the next 12 months. ...

14 Month Old - - Napping to Much??

Should we discourage the AM nap? Any advice welcomed! ... I have a 19 month old and he doesn't even take naps- I WISH he did, especially with a 3 month ... but then put him to bed at about 5:30, he'd sleep later in the morning. Helpful? ...

2 Year Old Won't Take Naps Anymore

I think you should just forget the naps!! Children that age only need a few ... yeah i am going through it now with my 20 month old she's not wanting her ...

6 Month Baby Taking Only Little Naps and Just Seems Cranky All the Time..

Read all 19 responses: "hello, i have a 6 month old baby boy, ... to only take between 530 min naps is this normal my doc told me at his 4 month appointment ...

4 Month Old with Short Naps

I have a four month old little girl who is having trouble taking naps longer ... My youngest at around 5ish months would take 3 - 40 minute naps per day. ... There are so many changes that the baby goes through in the first year and so ... say that your baby needs 3 naps a day right now, not 2, and that you should ...

8 Month Old Flipping onto Stomach

Read all 7 responses: "My 8.5 month old has been flipping onto her tummy when ... baby rolls on stomach to sleep · how many naps should a 5 month old take ...

Stubborn 22 Month Old Who Won't Take Naps

Many of my friends told me that it was fine for my son to not nap at this ..... Alot of kids around this age give up naps, my 19 month old may take one once ...
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