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Advice on Teeth Grinding

But I will tell you that many children grow out of it, especially when they start losing their baby teeth. My guess is that when their adult teeth begin to ...

Grinding Teeth

Read all 21 responses: "My 8 month old daughter is getting many teeth in at once , ... I seem to recall my baby's grinding lasting for only a month or two. ...

Child's Teeth and Growing Back

Many parents wonder about their children's baby teeth being lost and the normal pattern of permanent teeth growing in. There is tremendous variability in ...

My Son Has No Enamel on His Teeth

Fortunately it was just my baby teeth that were forming when I was on the ... I had my teeth sealed and I haven't had many problems other than a ton of ...

2 Year Olds Teeth Turning Black

Read all 22 responses: "I recently noticed my daughters baby teeth are turning ... Id be more concerned about her getting too many vitamins or some kind of ...

My 11 Month Old Has Yellow Spots on Her New Teeth!

My oldest had spots on his baby teeth as well and when I talked to my dentist ... You've received advice from many dental professionals in the responses but ...

11 Month Old Who Started Grinding Her (3) Teeth

They can wear those little baby teeth down to nubs and it will still be OK. .... How we deal with stress takes many forms, and teeth grinding is a classic ...

Should I Be Worried About the Order My Childs Teeth Are Coming In?

They can do xrays and see where the baby teeth are and will let you know if there is a ... They can do so many things today if indeed she is missing teeth. ...

Teeth Grinding

My baby girl did the same thing as soon as she had 5 teeth (3 on top an 2 on ... that is what stopped her or if she just got used to having so many teeth. ...

When to Take Baby to Dentist

Oct 20, 2009 ... Your baby's first appointment should be at 12 months. At 5 months or even 12 months she probably doesn't have many teeth. The reason for the appointment is ...
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  • children grind their teeth in 2 answers "... and she will probably grow out of it in time. Many children grind their teeth ..."
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