how long does postpartum hair loss last

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Losing Hair After Pregnancy

I have a lot of hair and it's long, so you can imagine what I left in the shower every day. ... After my last pregnancy it looked as if my hair was receding ( like on men), ... Hair Loss After Having a Child? ... Postpartum Hair Loss ...

Can Weaning Cause Hairloss?

Even then, that last feeding lasted maybe a month before they stopped requesting . They were 18 months and 15 months. ... Next question: Postpartum Hair Loss ...

Losing Hair

Now my baby cant grab my hair, if it does fall out, I hardly notice. :) and the bathroom drain has been .... Has Anyone Had Excessive Hair Loss Post Partum? ...

Hair Loss

Hair Loss. I knew my hair was going away, but was denying it for a long time. .... This last time was really bad because of a perm and braided hair. ...

Hair Falling Out After Pregnancy

I was really concerned with my 1st, but it does stop & your hair will grow in! .... Mine said my case could be normal post-partum hair loss or it could be a ...

Hair Loss

My Dr says stress is the culprit for my hair loss, but I just don't know I ... It was a long time comming. Although the last 2 years before we moved were ...

Hair Loss Post-Pregnancy

... I am still having quite a bit of hair loss. Does anyone know if this is normal, or has anyone experienced it? ... Next question: Postpartum Hair Loss ...

Hair Falling Out

Don't worry...the hair loss won't last -- no need to get the Rogaine! .... I have about 1 1/2 inches of regrowth mixed in with all the rest of my long hair. ...

Hair Loss After Having Twins

Hello, after having my baby, who is now 15 months old, my long hair started to fall out. One suggestion my hairdresser told me was ... Postpartum Hair Loss ...

Hair Loss

There may be other endocrine issues that can hair loss but the throid is the most common. Helpful? ... Next question: Postpartum Hair Loss ...
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  • nioxin shampoo and conditioner in 2 answers "I used Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner that you can only get at Beauty Supply stores."
  • wide tooth comb in 2 answers "In other words, a wide tooth comb will not help, you will just find the hair somewhere ..."
  • ask your doctor to check in 2 answers "This happened to my sister. Ask your doctor to check your adrenal glad function."
  • dont wash your hair in 2 answers "Go with the obvious stuff first, take vitamins, don't wash your hair daily, if you ..."
  • beauty supply store in 2 answers "I ran to the Beauty Supply store crying for help and they introduced me to NIOXIN."