how long does pain last after c section

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Pain on Left Side After C-section 4 Months Out

I also had pain after my c-section. It would come and go and I didn't know .... I had 2 c-sections the last one in Jan 05 and it seems like finally in the ...

What Is the Pain on Stomach After C-section?

I had the same pain after my c-section. I was told it was from all the .... Thankfully, that problem didn't last too long; in the short term they felt much ...

Anyone Else Have Recurring Back Pain After Childbirth C Section /Spinal?

Oct 30, 2009 ... Any long lasting pain is not normal I think. I did not have c section, but did have Epidural in the back. I did not feel anything during, ...

C-section Pain

Oct 2, 2009 ... well its been almost 3 months after my c-section and i still .... I had a c- section with my second child and the pain did last for a while. ...

Swollen Ankles After C-section?

But they say it is fluid and be relieved it does go away. ... I was a bit swollen after my first C-section, but because I was in so much pain, .... My ankles got HUGE after this last c-section. It lasted for a few days. ... After that, the swelling stayed down most the time. Not long after getting some GREAT sleep ...

Ouch...C Section

Aug 26, 2009 ... I had my third and last child/c-section in Jan this year. It is common to have some (a ..... What Is the Pain on Stomach After C-section? ...

Does Milk Come in on Own When Scheduling a C Section?

How you deliver your baby and when does not affect your milk supply. ... ready to go home just hours after my C-section and never had to take a pain pill. ... as soon as I'm able rather than waiting as long as I did after the first one. ...

How Long Steri-strips Stay On?

I am doing great, not even taking pain meds. anymore! ... How Long Steri-strips Stay On? Hello mothers, last week I had my gall bladder removed. I am doing great, .... After about one week they should start to come off on their own. ... Dissolving Staples for Closure of C-section · 4 · Urgent Question on C-section ...

Seeking Help from Other Moms Who Had C-section

How long did it last? What steps did you take to help get rid of it? ... Sorry to be so long winded, Im just in a lot of pain and really tired and just looking for other .... I am so sorry that you are having this trouble after your c- section. ... This does not sound normal at all! You need to get help immediately , ...

6 Months After C-section Pain Is This Normal

My last c-section was 18 years ago, and on occasion if I twist wrong or get up too fast I will have a .... After C-section Pain and Subsequent Pregnancy ...
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