how long does a sleep number bed last

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Mountain Air Bed

My husband has a bad back also and it does wonders for him. ... I was in the market for a new mattress last year, ended up getting a Tempurpedic as both my husband ... I was that comfortable that I didn't need to change positions all night long. ... We have a sleep number bed that is an air bed and we really like ...

Experiences with Magnetic Mattresses

I am also considering a Sleep Number bed and would like anyone's opinion on those. I need a new mattress and want to make the right choice. ...

Is Tempurpedic Worth the Cash?

I sweat all night long and could not cool off. The foam just holds the heat in. .... Last year, we purchased a sleep number bed. LOVE IT!!! Helpful? ...

Best Bed for a Bad Back?

Does anyone else have a spouse with a bad back? What is the best bed? There are so many choices. Both chiropractors suggested a Sleep Number bed. ...

Mattress Suggestions???

I love our sleep number bed. I would never buy any other kind of bed. ... We bought the last two sets from Sam's and we love them (the current set is a ...

Anyone Have a TempurPedic Bed?

We have both a sleep number bed and a tempurpedic bed. I like the sleep number bed as I have a very bad back and neck. I find the temperpedic bed does not ...

We Need a New Mattress

I know I sound like a commercial, but I love our sleep number bed! ... beds/ pregnancies - and now I am able to sleep as long as my bladder will let me! ...

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Bed?

I would recommend a sleep number bed simply because you and your husband probably have different levels of firmness in mind... your bodies are different so ...

Advice on the Perfect Mattress

I'm going for the sleep number bed. They are on QVC once in a many moon, ... On long trips I resort to sugar. I have a bag of m&m's and I decide on ...

Back Hurts, What Kind of Matress??

The higher the foam density the better they last (and the firmer they are). .... Sleep Number Vs. Tempurpedic ... Sleep Number Bed or Other Comfy Mattress ...
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