how long do hives last

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Recurring Hives

Last May, I had a miscarriage. About at the same time, I started having some ... While I don't deal with hives, my mother-in-law does, and figured out that ...


We had the same thing happen to our 5 year old son last Friday. He still has some hives but they do seem to come and go. Our doctor gave us some Claritin ...


Viruses make hives worse. (Does your daughter have a cold or anything? ... I know how frustrating hives can be, and hopefully this wont last long for your ...

Help Hives!

Hives do move all over the body- it is what they do! Just when you think it is disappearing- they just moved :-) For the last two years they didn't make an ...

Hives That Won't Go Away

Are you sure it's hives? I only ask because my daughter was first diagnosed with chicken pox, then allergies, then a virus and the last diagnoses was ...

Unknown Food Allergy

My son was "diagnosed" by blood test last year, when he started getting the ..... He would get hives and welp up. It took us a long time to figure it out. .... Oh and when you can do the allergy testing they have to be med free for 5 ...


L., I too get hives with no obvious cause. I am on Allegra all year long to .... My sons hives do not bother him so his doctor said don't worry about it. ...

6 Month Old Breaking Out in Hives

It showed up a day or 2 after the last day of taking the medicine. .... I could make this a mile long with ideas I have learned over the years. ... Do the hives itch? Are they causing him discomfort, are they raised? ...

Just Took an Antibodic and Broke Out into EXTREME HIVES....PLEASE HELP!!!

There's even one called Zmax, that is very long lasting, so you only take one tablet! ... This happened to my son last month... Doctor said stop Antibiotic ... your anti-biotic. whatever you do stop taking the antibiotics...the reaction ...

Hives and Allergy Testing

Read all 8 responses: "Our daughter broke out in hives on her hands and thighs ... Many kids do not react until a week or more after they started the drug. ... You might try to list everything she has had in the last few days before this .... He cried for a long time afterwards. After we went through that they said ...
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  • then broke out in hives in 2 answers "He was fine for a few days, then broke out in hives."
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