how do you pop a back

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How Do You Discipline a 9 Month Old That Thinks Your "Funny"

I tried to do the discpline by the slapping etc and he just hit back. ..... I even pop his hand when "No" doesn't work the first 5 times. ...

How Do You Deal with Young Kids and Long Flights?

airports - do you have a choice in airports? Some are definitely easier than ... years old to 2 months old and we just got back from California to Virginia. ...

Spouse Is Do You Approach That?

I am not saying give him an ultimatum- but you do need to point out that his unhealthy .... Would he be willing to cut back on how much he's drinking? ...

How Do You Clean a Waffle Iron?

See if the waffle plates pop out. Mine do and then they can be washed in the sink separetly from ... Works great for mine, even back by the hinge. Helpful? ...

How Do You People Keep Your Houses Spotless?

I have been told by my friends that have older kids that you do get your house back gradually. When people expect visitors, of course they'll tidy up more, ...

Unwanted Hair, What Do You Do?

Sometimes those things seem to literally pop out! Our society tends not to be ... I suggest that before you do anything else you check with your doctor. ...

How Do You Get a 3 Year Old Boy to POOP on the Potty?

So, what have you gals figured out? How do I get him comfortable to go ... his diaper on the potty, but cut a small hole in the back of the diaper. ... Pop your head into bathroom every couple minutes just so he knows your still there. ...

18Month Old Slapping and Headbutting

I don't want to hit her, I feel that it will only make her think it's ok for her to do it back. Time-outs aren't working, you have to physically hold her in ...

How to get back to sleep during pregnancy?

You could pop it in when you get back from the bathroom and use it to fall .... I don't know if you do yoga at all, but just some simple stretching of any ...

No Money, No Time, How Do You Make Quality Time with Your Spouse?

A candle lite dinner outside in the back yard. Sometimes just a walk together is a ... Do you have a friend that needs a sitter, maybe you could exchange ...
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