how do i yodel

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Survey...looking For Songs About Texas! TIA

E.P. asks from Austin

I would like to make list of songs for my husband's Ipod about Texas since we just moved here. Thanks for any that you think of! (For example, that Willie Nelson so...


October Fest

J.M. asks from Chicago

I know this is a crazy question since it is only February but here it goes. My children's school is thinking of hosting an Octoberfest fundraiser. I am on the fundr...


Knock Knock Jokes

D.M. asks from Denver

My oldest loves for us to tell knock knock jokes to each other as I walk him to school. But I only know a few. So we just tell the same 3 ones over & over... Do...


Giving Pet Access Thru a Baby Gate?

D.S. asks from New York

we're installing an ANGLED baby gate at the top of our stairs tomorrow and it occurred to me that our cat will not have access to his litter box if the gate is closed...


We Can't Decide on a Name !!!

L.S. asks from Austin

Hi moms, I am due in August/08 with my second child, this time a boy. We are so excited. The problem is that my husband is totally fixated on modern names (maddox, v...


Knock Knock Jokes for Almost-4 Year Old

K.N. asks from Los Angeles

My nearly 4-year old just discovered knock knock jokes and loves to laugh. I can't seem to remember any that are appropriate for her age and that she would find funn...


Snow Day /Mom Needs to Work from Home /Toddler Demands Attention - Suggestions?

A.D. asks from New York

Hi there, any other full time working moms that have this problem? I am lucky enough to be able to work from home when my child is sick or schools are closed like tod...


2R Old with Cavity

J.M. asks from Tucson

I'm really worried. I thought I was doing the right things. Every night for about a year I've been brushing my daughter's teeth. She will not let me get a good look a...


Help - 4 YO Has near Constant Tantrums!

J.C. asks from Roanoke

My 4 YO daughter has always been stubborn - but until recently she was pretty good natured so it was okay. Now she is having tantrum after tantrum and I am at my wit...

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