how do i know if im pregnant

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I Just Found Out I'm Pregnant! I Need Ideas for How to Tell My Husband!

Oct 1, 2009 ... I just found out that I'm pregnant with our 2nd baby. ... Maybe you could do the same..where it says "Have a Baby" space and annouce the news to him there. ... Well if you can hold off until Xmas and your not showing too much, ... Our daughter didn't really know what was going on (for the pic, ...

How to Tell My Kids I'm Pregnant

I am a single mother and I just found out on Halloween that I'm pregnant. ... Decide what, if anything, you want to do and what you need to do before the baby ... You should, however, let them know that if they have any concerns they ...

35 Weeks Pregnant with a Rash on My Belly

If so what can I do to make it stop itching? .... I know that this probably doesn't help, but I am 33 weeks pregnant and I just got the same thing. ...

Just Found Out I Am Pregnant and Have Questions

But I know some women who still do. I just laughed everytime I looked at my roots. ... Call me a bad person, or judge me if you may, but I have colored my hair ... (only because that is what I was use to doing), and I am pregnant now. ...

Im Pregnant

ps, let me know if you ever need childcare okay if you and hubby ever .... I'm Suddenly Pregnant. How Do I Tell My Friends Who Are Struggling to Conceive? ...

Am Starting to Think I'm Pregnant.. Eeeek!!!

Oct 21, 2009 ... That sounds like pregnant to me! What do you ladies think? I know it's too early to take a test, because the last we had intercourse when we ...

To Test or Not to Test???

I would want to know if Iam pregnant or not, that way maybe if I am doing things .... I think you already do know, a mothers intuition is usually correct. ...

Does Anyone Have Any Advice on Getting Pregnant and Having Pcos ?

Do you think you are ovulating at all? If you have PCOS, .... I just found out that I am pregnant a few days ago. Let me know if you have any more specific ...

Could a Home Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

I just wanted to let you know about progesterone. ... If neccessary they can do a blood test. Helpful? ... Is It 2 Soon to Know If I'm Pregnant? ...
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  • had it all over my body in 2 answers "Hopefully you won't have as bad of a case as I had. I had it all over my body."
  • itches like crazy in 2 answers "It is PUPPs and it itches like crazy."
  • worry either way in 3 answers "... they are inexpensive and it cant hurt .. seems that you would worry either way."
  • cortizone cream in 2 answers "Use a mild lotion and I used cortizone cream."
  • check with your ob in 2 answers "But to get a cavity filled, you get novicaine, so I'd check with your OB first."