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Looking for a Good House Cleaner , Exterminator & Gardner!

If you find any bugs in-between visits they'll come to your house for no extra cost. I'm sorry I don't know a Gardner or a Housecleaner but I'm sure you'll ...

How Do I Protect My Daughter from House Floor Vents?

(Same for my in-laws house). My daughter isn't yet crawling or walking, but I want to be prepared..." ... You can find covers on websites like this: ...

I Need to Find a Good Painter and Handy Man

Connect, find other moms just like you .... They have painted my whole house and I have referred them to many friends. They always do a great job and are ...

How to clean hardwood floor?

I have hard wood floors though out my house too and I find that pine sol really works well. It cleans the floors, really picks up the dust and doesn't make ...

Can He Sell the House

(my husband is a real estate broker) In other words, your husband would go through all of the motions of selling the house and find buyer, realtor, etc. ...

Where Do I Take My Cat?

Maybe find a house sitter--maybe a college age neighbor or close friends daughter/son to stay at home and be company for the cat!! Helpful? ...

Help. There Are Lizards in My House!

Oct 22, 2009 ... Go around your house and find any cracks or holes, also look around your windows , air conditioners, doors, storm doors and even the dryer ...

Can I Find a Better Situation?

Can I Find a Better Situation? Hello, My family and I moved from MN in December. We found this house through a friend and needed a place immediately so we ...

Stinky House - Help!

Once you find it and get it under control I recommend using Scentsy candles to keep your house smelling wonderful. Scentsy candles are flameless and are so ...

Looking for a House or Townhouse for Rent

Read all 5 responses: "My family and I are looking for a house or ... Thats what we did and they can locate alot more than you can find in the paper and ...
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  • refinance the house in your name in 2 answers "You can refinance the house in your name even though you are not on title."
  • hardwood floor cleaner in 2 answers "I've also used a spray on hardwood floor cleaner that's in the supermarket."
  • hard wood floors in 3 answers "I have hard wood floors though out my house too and I find that pine sol really works ..."
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