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Cleaning Pee on a Mattress

Read all 13 responses: "Any tips on how to clean pee on my mattress. ... I second the Nature's miracle, we buy it by the gallon at my house. ...

Seeking Dependable Good Cleaning Lady in the Plano Area

I would be more than happy to clean your house. I have three Plano houses that I clean on a weekly/bi-wkly basis that I am sure would give me a reference if ...

How Do I Clean a Self Cleaning Stove?

(In fact, I use that for most scrubbing jobs in my house along with white vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting.) Make a paste with some water and let it ...

Going Rate for a Housekeeper/cleaner?

I posted an advert for referals etc..for a house cleaner/keeper, ... Hi S., I'm not sure if you have already found someone to clean your house , but I clean ...

Stress, Kids, Keeping My House Clean.. Friends and Family.

Read all 36 responses: "I would like to know why I can't keep my life in order? I am 27, going through a divorce. I have 2 children. My son is 7, ...

Advice on Cleaning a Pergo Floor

Advice on Cleaning a Pergo Floor. Hello ladies. I have new pergo floors in my house. Has anyone out there ever used the Swifer WetJet on this type of floor? ...

Getting Grout Lines Clean

I had tile in my kitchen (another house) and I was forever getting on my hands a knees. Nothing I did kept the grout clean. I finally called a cleaning ...

Do You Tip the Cleaning Lady?

My assumption is based upon the fact that they get to pocket all of the money for the cleaning themselves, without "upper management" or "the house" taking ...

Looking for a House Cleaning Lady

Read all 6 responses: "Hi all! We just recently moved to a Cambrian area of San Jose, and we would like to find someone who could come bi-weekly to clean ...

Best Way to Clean Kitchen Tile Grout

Read all 9 responses: "What is the best way to clean kitchen tile grout. ... My house is tile and it took me about 5 hours total split up. ...
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