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Bee Birthday Party Ideas

You could play hot potato and have a stuffed bee as the hot potato (since no one wants to touch a bee anyway.) I never have losers or winners we just play ...

I Need Help with Non-food Related Birthday Party Ideas

Sep 18, 2009 ... balloon around the ankle & play music while they try to pop each others last one in wins Ive played hot potato with their take home bags ...

5 Year Old Birthday Game Ideas?!?!?!

We will also be playing "Hot Potatoe", except with a purse. I am going to fill the purse ... Make a beanbag or bring a small stuffed toy for hot potato. ...

Birthday Party Ideas

Oct 6, 2009 ... We also did a version of hot potato and lastly I had bought cans of silly ... hot potatoe, duck duck goose, musical chairs, arts and crafts, ...

2 Year Old Birthday Party Games

For a 2 yr old, games with simple instructions are best. A version of hot potato , pin the tail on the donkey or anything similar. Pretending to be an animal ...

Birthday Games for a 2 Year Old Girl

Oct 4, 2009 ... LTD Commodities has a Hot Potato Game. I bought it for my son and he LOVES it. We don't make anyone leave the game...they think it's just ...

B-day Party Ideas for 2 Yo Needed

I read an awesome article in Cookie Magazine that had some great game ideas ( wrap a 'prize' several times and pas it around like hot potato. ...

My Baby HATES Car Rides!

The Wiggles music helped my little guy who also hated car rides I first tried soft soothing music and it did nothing He loved the song Hot Potato Good luck ...

Need Ideas for Games to Play at 2Yo B-day Party

Jul 17, 2009 ... "Hot potato". Pass the (item tailored to the theme of the party). Pass a theme item around in a circle while music plays. ...

My Daughter's 3Rd B/d Party

... in it and others Besides the activity they play games with them musical chairs pin the tail on the donkey hot potato dance with a disco ball and bubbles ...
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