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Seeking OB/GYN Who Delivers at Fairview Hospital

I went through the Center for Family Medicine at Fairview, right across the street from the hospital, and my OB was Dr. Kelly Boghosian and Dr. Janeen ...

Help, My Son Won't Take His Medicine!

Be frank with him and explain to him that he NEEDS to be a BIG BOY and that he needs to take the medicine or he will need to go back to the hospital for IV ...

Rush Copley or Provena Mercy?

Which hospital, in your experience, is better..." ... As far as Internal Medicine... my hubby and I currently see Dr. Steven Harnack, but we're not thrilled ...

My Daughter Refuses to Take Medicine with Out a Fight

I even went out and bought a new medicine for her so that she could do it herself, well needless to say that she ..... hospital medicine · saline solution ...

Need Advice on a Good Ob/gyn and Hospital

This is a high risk pregnancy so I need a good OB/GYN and the hospital I deliver ... I went to celeste Sheppard at Hill Country Fetal and Maternal Medicine. ...

16 Month Old W/the 5Th Ear Infection in a Row- Help!

She ended up in the hospital due to a seizure she had because of a high fever. The doctors gave her medicine to treat worst..."

Help! My Daughter Refuses to Take Her Medicine for ADD.

Sep 17, 2009 ... I'm not sure if your pediatrican is prescribing the medicine or a neurologist. I highly recommend the neurologists at Children's Hospital to manage your ...

When Do You Take Child to the Hospital?

Oct 3, 2009 ... My rule of thumb always was, I take them to the MD, hospital, .... What they tell you is that if the fever comes down with medicine that is ...

Need Advice for Son While at Hospital with New Baby

My husband will need to stay with me in the hospital as I won't be any good ..... in the hospital so he knows you are at the doctors getting your medicine. ...

Pre-Labor @ 26 Weeks

I ended up going back to the hospital when they weren't stopping. I was having them about evry 20 minutes. The Dr pu me on a medicine to stop the ...
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