hormones in food

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Help Controlling 16 Year Old Daughter's Attitude

Sep 5, 2009 ... PMS is an abnormal state caused by wrong food choices and .... Tell her about her hormones and explain that they are the main reason for her ...

Growth Hormones?

... you have all given us food for thought and some great "fist person" responses! ... I've done ALOT of research on supplements and growth hormones, etc. ...

Organic Versus Regular

Organic food is food grown without hormones, chemicals, pesticides, etc. So, it's much healthier than the regular food. The meats don't have all the ...

Lump in Breast

Common food allergens are Dairy, Wheat, & possibly soy. Also, if it is hormonal related, it would be good for you to eat as organic as possible b/c ...


Are there any moms on here that have had any hormonal issues? ... You can get it from the natural doctors and some health food stores may carry it. ...

Nausea/Vomiting On Day That Period Starts

You can try taking your daily pill with food or, even better, before bedtime so the hormones peak during the night when you are sleeping. ...

To Perm or to Straighten? Pregnancy Hormones Wrought Havoc on My Hair! Help!

She thinks her hormones must have messed with the process. ... my third (a beautiful girl) who is 14 months and is just beginning to transition to food. ...

Leaking Breasts but Not Pregnant?

If I were you, I would see the OB and have him do a hormone blood test. And do some research to make sure you are not getting unwanted hormones in your food ...

Seeking Other Moms with Raging Hormones, or Those Who Have Gone Through It!

This is my 3rd child, and a first for hormones this out of control! ... and go out at weird hours to buy craving food, and who totally coddle and treat them ...

Low to No Sex drive........HELP !!

Also, there are many toxins in our environment (and food) that impact our hormonal balance in a negative way. 2 moms found this helpful. Helpful? ...
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