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Homework Troubles

We feel homework is review work and he should be able to do it without a whole lot of help. What we do is, my husband picks him up at 3:30. ...

Help with 11 Year Old Son

You will be suprised what kind of help they can offer. And please don't wait to long! Waiting will only make it .... building materials · homework help ...

How to encourage a 5 year old to do homework?

She hates doing homework. When she was in pre-k she loved it, ... like we never loved at all · math homework help · homework · homework answers · Fort Bragg ...

Help with My Slooooooow Girl....

She's in a small private school, so at least she gets more one-on-one attention, but we need help getting her to move faster with her seatwork and homework. ...

Help! My Son Is Soooo Unfocused

Ok, I know I can go on and on and so I just want to hear back from anyone as to how I can help him cope with homework. Also, would a tutor help! if so in ...

How to Get a Husband to Help Around the House and the Kids Homework

Read all 6 responses: "OK-I'm just frustrated and am looking for some advice. I work part-time-a few daytime hours, a couple of nights a week and Saturdays ...

8 Y/o Doing Homework

It was such a great help to me to not have these homework battles anymore! Another thing they allowed her to do (in order to raise more of an interest in ...

Forgets Homework

alright my oldest daughter is in 3rd grade and she is very bright but omg is she an air head!! Help. She is constantly forgetting her homework. ...

Need Help with My Son & His Schoolwork

He has help with reading & math at school, but I get frustrated because it ... At their age, they are afraid to tell us, I don't want to do my homework ...

Senior Not Doing His Homework

I want advise on what I can do to make my son do his homework. He is a senior at school ... They have all been a great help for me at a very difficult time. ...
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