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Kindergarten Disaster

I am new to this community and am interested in home schooling my kindergarten son. The school year is half over so we cannot enroll him in the online ...

Need Advice on Home Schooling

One is to put an ad in the paper that you want to start a homeschool playgroup. Another is to check "yahoo groups" online for homeschooling in your area. ...


I don't necessarily have advice on homeschool, but Colorado Virtual Academy is an online public school for K-12 grades. It's kind of like homeschooling ...

Need to Know About Home Schooling a 5 Year Old

There is a wealth of information online. I like Join a homeschool group. You'll get the support of other families and find some ...

Bored in Kindergarten-Help!

Have you considered Montessori school, or homeschooling. There are online homeschool programs if you want to follow a curriculum. ...

I Would like to Home School My Kids but Need Help Starting

Also go on-line and just do a search for homeschooling programs, there are 100's of sites, just browse and I know you will find lots of things that you will ...

Beginning to Homeschool

You can find info online, which is one thing that makes this a great time to be a home schooler. Our family all agreed that home school was wonderful and ...

Where Should I Look First for Homeschooling Info?

I am seriously considering homeschooling my 3rd grade son. He does well academically but hates ... It is an online charter school that is federally funded. ...

How Many of You Home School?

They offer free new to homeschooling classes. I don't think they have curric. vendors there though? You can find alot out online too. ...

Can't Decide Whether or Not to Homeschool My Children

There are programs online that aren't near as expensive as school is. Just google homeschool, there are tons of them, they will send you the materials every ...
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