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How to Lease a House

Do you have a home warranty plan on your home? There are many to choose from, so I would recommend that you do your research to find one that is most ...

What Is the Deal with Mortgage Insurance?

did you recently buy or refinance your home? We refinanced last year and we got 2-3 offers a day in the mail for about 2 ... house plans · Medical Insurance ...

Do You Have a 1 1/2 Story House?

Please just be sure to have a "plan" for some of the above concerns if you decide to go with this style of home. Good luck in your search! Helpful? ...

Kid's Club House

Read all 19 responses: "Has anyone ever gone to Kid'd Club House in Midland ... I have no idea as to your financial status, insurance plans or the time you ...

Home Birth Vs. Birth Center

Just discuss back-up plans with your midwife in case it's more than you both can handle at home or the birthing center. That said, I know several women ...

House Problems!

Being a stay at home mom is hard and exhausting. That's one of the biggest things we argued .... Make some plans to get out with other moms and children. ...

House Clutter Out of Control!

I've found myself unemployed due to a layoff and had great plans to overhaul our whole house. Well, so far, I'm just overwhelmed. The amount of work and ...

18Yrs Old Son, Still at Home and in High School

My son is 19 and I also have a 15 yr old both at home (and 3 older sons who all live in other .... home plans · driving jobs · home for rent · school of law ...

Stress, Kids, Keeping My House Clean.. Friends and Family.

"For Iknow the plans Ihave for you" Says the Lord "They are for good and not ..... Color pictures when you get home. Try to put your energy into them and ...

House Guest After Miscarriage??

As far as the house guest. I totally understand you not wanting to host your husband's grandfather - totally valid. It does sound like plans are already so ...
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