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Holiday Boarding

signup; login. Login with Facebook. Home .... Next question: Affordable Pet Boarding near Flower Mound? Report This. Comments: (optional). Share. Email ...

Help with Pet Turtle

Read all 8 responses: "I have some concern about my son's new pet turtle. ... an Asian Box Turtle and it behaved very similarly when we first brought it home. ... you have on the internet and get suggestions for care and behavior there. ...

Looking for Pediatrician in Plano, TX

I can offer you great childcare in my inhome daycare Im located in Wylie at .... pet day care · director child care · child care director · home pet care ...

A Cat I Can No Longer Afford

Oct 15, 2009 ... Once the situation with why he is at your home when you aren't is resolved, then you can carry on with arranging pet care. ...

How Much to Pay Neighbor Kid for Cat-sitting?

I have had a pet sitting business for the past 5 years. ... It allows your kitty to stay at home in the comfort zone and also offers you a presence around ...

A Pet Rabbit.

My husband decided to get our daughter a pet rabbit for early Easter..." ... I did alot of research when I found out my husband was bringing it home. ... Rabbits are a big pain and most children cannot care for them properly. ...

Preparing Child for Loss of a Pet

Oct 8, 2009 ... Hard as it is to deal with the loss of a pet (we are animal lovers .... doggie old age home in the sky where they could give her the care we ...

Do You Think a Turtle Is Safe as a Pet

Read all 10 responses: "I am seeking advice about a turtle as a pet. ... signup; login. Login with Facebook. Home .... turtle you have and the proper housing and general care the specific turtle needs and then determine whether you want ...

What to Do with a Pet That Has Passed Way

I didn't know it was illegal to bury a pet...is that a Missouri thing or a ... put her in an assisted living home if she is insistant on living with a cat or two. ... you will not care for something that is causing you health problems. ...

Looking for a LOVING Home Children for 13 Month Old Girl.

If you can provide the loving care that she needs, please let me know asap. ... Our home is smoke and pet free. We have themed weeks where we learn a ...
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  • turtles carry salmonella in 2 answers "I think turtles carry salmonella. ..."
  • timothy hay in 3 answers "... greens, veggies, I grew cilantro and parsley for him and I purchased Timothy Hay ..."
  • washes his hands in 3 answers "... as can many other amphibians & reptiles). As long as the child washes his hands ..."
  • professional pet sitter in 2 answers "... at $10 per day this is a HUGE savings from what a real professional pet sitter ..."
  • automatic feeder in 2 answers "You might try setting up an automatic feeder and waterer."