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Foreclosure Question

H.H. asks from Detroit

My husband and I are considering putting up our home for sale in hopes of buying a foreclosed home in an area where we would stay for a long time. Does anyone know if...


Putting an Offer on a Foreclosure

K.L. asks from Savannah

For those who have put an offer on a foreclosure (REO), how long did it take for the bank to get back to you with a response? Thanks for sharing!


Is There Such a Thing as a FREE Foreclosure Listing Website?

D.E. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have recently put our home up for sale, so we are starting to look at areas and homes, land, etc that we may be interested in. We came across a fore...


We Need to Sell Our Home!

T.M. asks from Chicago

Hi all you moms out there. My husband was offered a new position in another state and we accepted the offer. I did not want to seperate the family, so we moved with...


Purchasing a Short Sale or Foreclosed Home

R.W. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi, we are looking at purchasing a home and am seeing tons of short sales and foreclosures in our area at AMAZING prices. We are prepared to put 20% down on a home i...


Sell or Not to Sell Home

T.J. asks from St. Louis

Hi Ladies, I was a 1st time home buyer 3 years ago and although I tried to do my homework, got adive and read up, I still ended up being in over my head. What app...


Experience with Buying a Foreclosed Home

A.O. asks from Dallas

We're preparing to move to Frisco. I have several homes that I would like to see and noticed that several are foreclosed upon. I'd like some thoughts on anyone who ha...


Should I Hire an Real Estate Attorney to Conduct a Short Sale on My Home?

T.D. asks from Sacramento

Hi. I may have to short sale my home and was wondering if I should go through a real estate attorney or just hire a real estate agent. I have a first and second loa...


Can a Homeowner Short Sale Their Own House?

P.H. asks from Chicago

I know someone whose house is in the process of foreclosure, would it be to her advantage to choose to have her house go into a short sale instead? Is that possible o...


Drained ...what Would You Do? VENT

J.N. asks from Philadelphia

OK so my house is still on the market!!!! which means although I;ve been seperated for 2 years, I still am jumping all around with living arrangements because we nee...

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