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Home Loans/government Grants

D.Q. asks from Dallas

My husband & I are trying to buy our first home & I've been looking at some websites for government grants for first time homebuyers. Does anybody know of anything li...


Need to Sell My Home and Where to Begin

M.S. asks from Austin

I received my appraisal and the value of my home has gone up $20,000 from last year. Yes, that is not a typo $20,000. There have been no additions, no changes, noth...


Advice on Selling Your Own Home

S.D. asks from Cleveland

We need some good advice:) We are currently building a new home and trying to sell the one we live in now. We have had 3 open houses with no one showing at any of t...


Radon Level in Home

K.B. asks from Chicago

We just had an inspection done on a home we are planning to purchase in Oswego (Kendall Co), and had it tested for radon also. It came back with a high level. The EPA...


Working from Home IDEAS from Mama's at Mamapedia

L.W. asks from Detroit

Okay Mama's We have all been there or will be at one time or another in our lives, wanting to work from home is a posted question we come across weekly. Name some ide...


Resale Home Improvement List with Costs?

J.G. asks from Chicago

A neighbor recently put their home up for sale, and I was surprised to see on their home improvements list the cost of the improvements. Is this new? Anyone see th...


Looking to Buy a Home in Wauwatosa, Questiojns About Schools, Home Prices, Etc.

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

Hi there! I'm looking to buy a home soon and am hoping some of you can give me advice. We live in Milwaukee and want to buy a home in Wauwatosa because friends and ...


Anyone Else Trying to Sell Their Home in This Market?

E.A. asks from Chicago

I guess I don't really have a question with this, I am just sort of complaining about the fact that it is so hard to think about selling your home when the market is ...


Home Appraiser Coming Tomorrow, Help!

C.F. asks from Salt Lake City

We have a home appraiser coming tomorrow to do an appraisal on our home. We are trying to qualify for a home loan to build a fence around our yard. My questions is,...


Ideas to Make Memories of Home Before Moving

L.T. asks from Houston

We're moving in a couple of months to a new home. It is only a couple of miles away so schools, friends, etc. will stay the same. But we have lived in this house near...

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