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Selling a Starter Home...What to Expect

K.S. asks from Minneapolis

We bought a true starter home (1 bth-2.5 bdrms) before our first was born. We now have 2 boys and a momma who wants her own "girls only" bathroom. Plus, since we opte...


First Time Home Buyer

M.H. asks from Chicago

What's the best options for buying a home for the first time and what are my best options as far as getting a good loan or even no down payment options, It's a forecl...


Selling Home, but Can't Buy Another House Until I Close on the Existing Home.

L.M. asks from Chicago

Hey Mommas, I need to know if anyone has experience with this situation or offer suggestions. I will be putting my home on the market and if my home is sold, I ca...


Home Renovations - What's Better for Resale Value?

J.B. asks from Madison

My husband and I are currently doing some renovations in our home with the hopes to sell it soon. Yesterday he mentioned wanting to bring the laundry room up to the m...


First Home Purchase

L.B. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas! It's a very exciting time as I am looking to purchase my first home. My Husband and I have taken HUD approved workshops and are certified from the neighb...


How Did Y'all Choose Where to Buy a Home?

B.B. asks from Albany

hello mamas! :) i'm definitely in the poor working class ($14/hr) (single, full-time working mom), but i do hope to buy a home by the time my little boy (almost 2) ...


Advise on Mortgages and Buying a Home

A.K. asks from Portland

Hey Mamas! My husband and I are looking at purchasing our first home. We have excellent credit (over 770) and are interested in one of the FHA loans. Does anyone hav...


Help on Purchasing a Home

T.C. asks from Tampa

Hello, We are looking to buy our first home sometime in december of this year and have not a clue where to begin. I have already contacted a real estate agent and...


Mother Seeking Home Employement

M.R. asks from Albuquerque

Help!! i am a mother who would love to stay home with her daughter but would also like to bring in an income. i have checked out a few websites but i am afraid that a...


Sewage Smell in Home

E.M. asks from Tampa

There is a funny odor in our home. Its not alway there but at times it smells like rotten eggs or sewage. Iv'e read that it could be a clogged vent on the roof. My hu...

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