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Read all 8 responses: "I would like to have a home birth, but husband is resistant. How do you convince your husband? If I can't convince him, ...

Referrals for Home Birth Midwife - Eastern MA

Read all 4 responses: "Hi moms! I'm pregnant with my second child and am looking for a home-birth midwife in the Cambridge, MA area.

Home Birth--Any Regrets??

Read all 16 responses: "I would like to hear from moms who birthed at home, either midwife assisted or alone. How did it go? Do you have any regrets, ...

Any Suggestions on Birthing Classes for Waterbirthing at Home?

There was one midwifery group that did home births but was associated with a .... I applaud you on taking control of your birth. I've had both a home birth ...

Seeking Midwife and Birth Center

If you are considering a home birth, which it didn't sound like, but if you are, he is excellent. He's like family to me, if you want to consider this ...

Looking for a Home Birth Midwife in the SF Area

Oct 5, 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "I need to speak with a local midwife, either here in SF or Marin would be fine too. Any names, numbers or websites ...

Could Anyone Share Their Home Birth Experience?

Read all 28 responses: "I just recently watched a documentary called "The Business of Being Born" and it seriously got me considering choosing a home birth ...

Need Advice on Non-traditional Births.

I did a home birth, actually we had planned on a water-birth with a midwife and doula ... Had two home births. The 1st was in San Francisco with a horrible ...

Water Births

I birthed both my children at home, and my second child was a water birth. It was so gentle and beautiful. The water feels amazing in labor, easing the pain ...

Looking for Homebirth Midwife in Vancouver Area

Just a comment on your first birth. I also prefer home birth (my daughter was born in a ... Looking for Midwife Willing to Do Home Birth After C-section ...
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  • taking control of your birth in 2 answers "I applaud you on taking control of your birth."
  • planning another home birth in 2 answers "I am pregnant again and am planning another home birth with a midwife."
  • fred duhart in 2 answers "You may want to look up Dr. Fred Duhart and discuss this."
  • certified nurse midwife in 2 answers "I had my first child at a hospital with a Certified Nurse Midwife, but hopefully I ..."
  • noah singman in 2 answers "I know of a wonderful midwife in Berkeley/Oakland area--Noah Singman."