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Daughter Came Home from Camp W/ Hives

My skin gets so sensitive, and I grew up with eczema and rash and hives when I was a little girl. I still break out in hives from environmental and stress ...

2 Year Old with Hives

I think that they were hives. After about thirty minutes, they went away. ... I have a botanically based skin care, health and wellness company. ...

Hives at 3Yrs Old

It doesn't get rid of the hives, but it takes the itch out temporarily and gives a little relief. If her skin is senstive, I recommend using laundry ...

Breaking Out in Hives/welts

It was not food or allergies to is a skin disorder in which now he takes zyertec for. He can't go without it or the hives take over. ...


There's a great website on hives: /urticaria.... Now, this is my own experience, so if anyone else reads this ...

Hives from Swimming???

We used the spray sunscreen from coppertone SPF 70and also spf 50 and they both had the same reaction the kids skin broke out in hives and a rash, ...

Unexplained Hives in Eight Year Old Boy.

Oct 17, 2009 ... My eight year old son started breaking out in hives about six to eight .... She looked her over and decided it was actually dry skin and ...

Should I Take My Daugher to an Allergist?

My daugter (now 2) had a bad reaction to her 1 yr vaccines (hives and fever- I was ... Is this just skin sensitivity or should I take her to an allergist? ...

Allergic Reaction to Cephalexin

Incase you are going to try griseofulvin. . . Side effects griseofulvin: Known side effects of griseofulvin include: * Hives * Skin rashes * Confusion ...

6 Month Old Breaking Out in Hives

My skin doctor told me to "take an anti-inflammatory and call him on monday" and thank Gd I went to the emergency room because the flaring up and hives were ...
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