high fever 18 month old

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Child Has Ran Fever for 5 Days

Roseola usually has a high fever >102 for a week, then the rash appears. .... my daughter keeps getting fever · days of our · 18 month old fever 103 ...

Need Some Advise for Sick 16 Month Old...

When my son was a baby, I put him in day care at 3 months old and he was sick from that point on ..... high fever 18 month old · 2 year old always sick ...

15 Month Old Has White "Stains" on His Teeth

Did your son have a high fever early on, or were you ill during pregnancy (while .... Seeking Recommendations for Toothpaste/toothbrush for an 18-Month Old ...

Rash and Fever in 16 Month Old

He had a high fever (102 - 103 for about 4 days, and mild cold syptoms (little .... 18 months and again recently with my daughter who is 17 months old. ...

Night Time Fever

Although it should not be that high. Tylenol works better for fevers and motrin ... Fever in 18 Month Old - How Long Before Acetometaphin / Tylenol Works? ...

Fevers in Three-year-old

Aug 17, 2009 ... L.K. answers from Philadelphia on August 18 2009. Four or five days My gosh get him to ANOTHER doctor asap .... 5 Month Old W 102.5 Fever ...

6 Month Old W/full Body Rash

On the 2 days before the rash, she had a high fever (104ish), ..... it's probably hives-my 18 month old had an ear infection and got hives on her 5th day of ...

Fever During Pregnancy. What to Do?

I had a high fever (103 or so) when I was about 6 weeks pregnant and the ... 19 Month Old Seems to Have a Virus That Won't Go away...fever Won't Stay Down ...

Canker Sores for 19 Month Old

Oct 19, 2009 ... My older daughter had cancer sores when she was 18 months, bad enough to ... How high was the fever and where are the sores in the mouth? ...

Toddler with Ear Infection and VERY HIGH Fevers at Night

Read all 5 responses: "On Wednesday we took our 18-month old son to the urgent ... to get the fever down. My mom says that I used to get high fevers also. ...
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