her hand in his pants

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4 1/2 Year Old Won't Poop on Potty

My 41/2 son pees on the potty but poops in his pants. ... Then, she still would only go potty if I sat there with her and held her hand! ...

Regression and Separation

He never poos in his pants but is peeing in them constantly! .... game preschool · boys wetting pants · her hand in his pants · trouble potty training ...

PLEASE HELP! Son Loves to "Fingerpaint" with His Poo

He didn't paint with his poo but he would stick his hands in his diaper and ... Also my son was about 5 and peed his pants at home but no way at school. ...

Need Jeans/pants to Fit My Tiny 3T Darling!

They are elastic and he can still get his pants down to use the restroom with out help. Good luck ..... her hand in his pants · how to get skinny ...

Laundering White Baseball Pants

I believe that is what my mom always used for my brothers baseball pants. Helpful? .... her hand in his pants · washer game · he wet his pants · home biz ...

1 Yr Old Having a Fit When It's Time for a Diaper Change

my daughte did the same thing. i used to have to sing her songs or let her ... Yesterday I put one of his sister's socks over his hand and it surprised him ...

At Witts End with Daily Pooping in His Underwear & Not on the Potty!

Aug 24, 2009 ... poop in his pants in 2 answersI told him if he chose to poop in his .... Explain the problem and ask for hisher assistance Then take your ...

Advice on a Child Who Takes Her Diaper Off

Today at the sitters she took off her diaper during nap. ... If this doesnt do the trick then I am going to tape around the waist of his pants to keep them ...

How to Teach My 4 Year Old Son to Stop Hitting His Twin Sister

have you tried smacking his hand when he hits her Maybe he will make the .... you get when people stare At least they didnt go in their pants 2 hours ago ...

Pants for Larger Toddler...

They are all hand-me-downs, so I can't be of help as to the stores. ... Her son is very short but round and has to heam all his pants. Helpful? ...
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