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Extreme Anxiety - Please Help

Oct 15, 2009 ... The way parents can help kids "break through this layer of anxiety" is by taking them to an pediatric clinical psycholigst specializing in ...

How to Help My Child (4-Year-old) to Start "Reading"?

Read all 7 responses: "We are bilingual so English is not my son's first language, he is picking up English very fast from school and from friends.

Need Help with Overweight Gifted Child in Burleson

Read all 5 responses: "My 9-year-old son has insulin resistance, and he has always been large for his age. He is also highly gifted, so he is doubly cursed ...

Need Help with Troubled Adult Child

Read all 7 responses: "Well Ladies, I have never done this so please be patiant. I have a Foster son, whom I helped raise from the time he was six.

Grandma Suggests Vicks VapoRub for Child's Cough - Make Any Sense?

We use the dissolvable medicine strips for kids, for cough. They aren't perfect, either - but they help! The kids have a much easier time with these than ...

Advise on Impending Divorce with 2 Very Young Children and No Job and No Money

I made friends but could never seem to get real help with the kids. .... I help moms create income while they are home with their kids. I also love to help ...

"Child Chewing Furniture-help!"

Read all 8 responses: "I have a 10 month old that loves to put everything in her mouth. Usually this is not a problem but she is now at the perfect height ...

Please Help. Family Pet Has to Be Put to Sleep.

Work with your Vet to help your kids. Our vet was a great source of comfort to us when we had to put our dog down. If you like have your yorkie cremated and ...

Potty Training

At three, most kids need help in this area. To assist, you may want to try those wet, flushable wipes. They get more off. But, kids at three years are just ...

Help W/ Techniques on Teaching How to Tie Shoes!!

It has to do with his development - sometimes using tricks like calling the loops "bunny ears" can help kids be excited about it, but he has to be ...
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  • step by step instructions in 2 answers "... different ways to lace and tie shoes - and gives step by step instructions."
  • tie their shoes in 9 answers "... personal thing, and no one graduates from high school unable to tie their shoes."
  • petroleum based product in 2 answers "It is a petroleum based product and that will all soak into his system."
  • fine motor skills in 3 answers "I don't think the fine motor skills are really there yet."
  • buy velcro shoes in 2 answers "... unless it is a requirement at his pre-school, don't stress it & buy velcro shoes ..."