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Help Child Falling Alot Tried Docs Already Blew Me Off !!!

Read all 15 responses: "Hi Mom's, My daughter has had ear infections in the past and I have taken her to see a pediatrition however this has not helped I ...

Help with a Child Who Won't Keep a Diaper On

Read all 9 responses: "My wonderful 2 year old daughter will not keep her diaper on, I have tried everything I switched diapers thinking they were not comfy ...

Child with Apraxia

Also, have your child watch your mouth to see the movements. Additionally, to help your child communicate with you sooner than speech will allow - use some ...

Seeking Help with Autistic ADHD Child Who Doc Wants on Meds

Read all 8 responses: "Hello, I find myself stuck on whether or not to put my son on Adderall. He is 8 yrs. old with autism and now diagnosed with ADHD and ...

Input from Moms of Autistic Spectrum Kids About Help Wanted from Extended Family

Read all 6 responses: "I have a grandson on the autistic spectrum and belong to a support group for grandparents. I would love input from you mothers (and ...

Seeking Help with a Child Who Is Starting to Bully

Read all 3 responses: "Hi. My son is 8 and just this week he has had two days where he got in trouble at school for, well, bullying. He made a threat to one ...

Should Parents Help Kids Decide How to Spend Their Money?

Read all 10 responses: "My 7-year old stepdaughter received $100 for a birthday gift last year. She kept it in her wallet and instead of working with her to ...

"Child Chewing Furniture-help!"

Read all 8 responses: "I have a 10 month old that loves to put everything in her mouth. Usually this is not a problem but she is now at the perfect height ...

Books (Fiction) That Help Prepare Kids for New Sibling

Read all 19 responses: "I am looking for recommended story books that help a young child prepare for a new baby. My son will be 20 months old when his new ...

Seeking Help with a Child That Walks on His Tip-toes

Read all 24 responses: "I have a seven year old son that walks on his tip-toes. I need some advice from anyone that has a child that does and what did you ...
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  • by lisa tawn bergren in 2 answers "God Gave us Two," by Lisa Tawn Bergren (she also wrote God Gave us You, which is adorable ..."
  • by joanna cole in 5 answers "We got I'm a Big Brother by Joanna Cole and Maxie Chambliss for our son."
  • achilles tendon in 3 answers "... agree with what some of these other ladies are saying about the achilles tendon ..."
  • until she decides what she wants in 2 answers "... definately be made to keep it in a safe place until she decides what she wants ..."
  • open a savings account in 2 answers "I would open a savings account for her, any money she recieves goes directly in it ..."