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Anyone Have Hightened Senses During Pregnancy?

A.F. asks from Stationed Overseas

I have notice I am more agitated at things like my upstairs neighbors kid's running around for two hours straight not giving it a rest. I posted about it before and h...


Pregnancy Odor

K.O. asks from Detroit

OK - I know that this is going to be waaayyy to much information but I need to know if anyone can give me some advice. Here goes & again I am sorry for all the detail...


JFF -What's the Strangest Side Effect You Had from Pregnancy?

K.M. asks from Norfolk

When I'm pregnant the hair on my legs stops growing at about 5 months. I love it! I haven't shaved in 2 months and only have some peach fuzz. What's the strangest s...


Seeking Answer to My Prenatal Questions

A.L. asks from Fresno

What are the best ways to cope with the nausea? Is it normal for my boobs and stomach to have a soar type of pain at hours of the evening? At two months along, is...


Fake Negatives?

S.B. asks from Rochester

I am two months late and have been trying to have a baby for seven months. I have not been stressing or doing anything out of the ordinary, but I have now missed my ...


Pregnant or Not?

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Normally I can tell you down to the hour when i will get my period. T...


Breastfeeding When Sweaty

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

Last night after returning from the gym I tried to breastfeed my daughter before taking a shower. She refused to eat 5 different times and went 2.5 hours past her re...


The 2Ww Is Killing Me!

M.R. asks from New York

How long before you started to "feel" pregnant? I am 8 days post ovulation......


Supplements and Vitamins

B.B. asks from Macon

I was told to start taking supplements and vitamins 3 months before I got pregnant but I do not know which ones I should start taking. What were you told to take when...


Sensitive, Personal Subject

N.K. asks from Pittsburgh

I am pregnant with my second child, therefore am familiar with all of the things that come along with being pregnant, some good, some not so good. I am having an iss...

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  • extra folic acid in 2 answers "... becasue they are specially formulated for what you need. Extra Folic acid ..."
  • up lactic acid in 2 answers "Exercise builds up lactic acid in your milk, making it taste sour to your daughter."
  • heightened during pregnancy in 2 answers "... that your sense of sound has become increasingly heightened during pregnancy ..."
  • take prenatal vitamins in 3 answers "I could not take prenatal vitamins because of the high level of iron."
  • breast with a wet towel in 2 answers "Try wiping off the breast with a wet towel if you do not have the time to shower."