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You Name It I Got or Had It During This Pregnancy!

The zofran is a big help, and I was able to take heartburn meds which helped as well. .... heartburn pregnancy · heartburn during pregnancy ...

How to soothe indigestion during pregnancy?

I had it so bad for the last 2 months of my pregnancy that the acid reflux I was having from ... heartburn pregnancy · heartburn · hairy stomach pregnancy ...

Need Ladies with Much Wisdom About Pregnancy Issues...

I had to eat almost a bottle of tums a week during each of my 3 pregnancies. To this day I can't even stand the sight of them! Water would give me heartburn ...

Lump Sensation in Throat During Pregnancy

Jul 30, 2009 ... I knew I had heartburn but was eating tums and taking zantac, I had no idea that it was causing these other symptoms. My first pregnancy I ...

Tums for Toddlers

Is this for heartburn/Indigestion? I've really never heard of kids having need for this unless there .... definition of family · heartburn during pregnancy ...

11 Weeks Pregnant Still Sick plus Having Major Digestion Issues-seeking Advice

Read all 6 responses: "I am 11 weeks pregnant with my third child, ... I had also had A TON of heartburn, and as soon as I took the capsules, no heartburn. ...

Nausea in the Second Trimester?

Random pains in chest can possibly be from heartburn or "gerd" - gastric reflux - common in pregnancy - (when I get the pains it can sometimes feel almost ...

Different Pregnancy or Miscarriage?

I got a little bit of a break and then symptoms I hadn't had until later in pregnancy with the first started showing up (heartburn,etc.). ...

5 Year Old with Acid Reflux

8 Months Pregnant Getting Awful Heart Burn · 40 · Heartburn During Pregnancy ... pregnant prescription · appendicitis symptoms · heartburn during pregnancy ...

Positive Pregnancy Tests

... in the drs office one time They put me on heartburn meds and it was pregnancy afterall LOL There are VERY few times people get false positives VERY FEW ...
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  • false positive urine test in 2 answers "... it's more common to have a false negative test than a false positive urine test."
  • rare to get a false positive in 3 answers "From my experience it is rare to get a false positive urine test."
  • aloe vera juice in 2 answers "I second the aloe vera juice that was recommended by another poster."
  • can get a false negative in 2 answers "From all I've read & been told you can get a false negative on the urine tests but ..."
  • pregnancy hormone hcg in 2 answers "Hi Danille, The urine test is only positive when the pregnancy hormone HCG is present."