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Seeking Advice on Cooking Healthy

I don't have weight issues, but I still use their cookbooks, just because they are good and healthy. Their points system is very easy to follow and you ...

I Need Some Advice on My Physical Apperance

Oct 17, 2009 ... now my babys 10 months old and im 100 pounds again i feel real thin and need some advice on how to gain weight i eat very healthy n good ...

Weight Watchers

Keep in mind, any healthy weight loss program will give you what you put into it . However, I personally would steer away from the programs where you ...

Concerned About Weight Gain in My 9 Month Old

Today Ashton had his nine month check up overall the dr. says he is healthy but the dr. is concerned with his weight. He is 29 in long (75%) and only 16 ...

Losing Weight Before Next Pregnancy

I'm not sure what a healthy weight for your height is, but I would say as as .... loosing weight has nothing to do with being healthy, unless you are obese ...

Down the the 2Nd Percentile in Weight

Apr 12, 2009 ... Healthy and little is better than junk food and big. You only need to be concerned if he loses weight (instead of gaining or holding steady) ...

Pregnancy Weight Gain Out of Control!

I gained almost 60 pounds with my first and have been struggling to get back to a healthy weight ever since. I tried Weight Watchers before I had my second, ...

Weight Loss

I recently lost 40 lbs (over 9 months) through a combination of portion control, changes in diet, and exercise, and now that I've reached a healthy weight, ...

Weight Gain

A healthy weight gain is normal in pregnancy and as long as you begin within your BMI range then a gain of up to 50lbs is acceptable (although up to 35 ...

3 Month Old Hasn't Gained Weight in a Month, but Is Alert, Happy, and Healthy

Read all 18 responses: "I had many issues breastfeeding, and gave up when my son was 2 weeks old. Then I decided to relactate when my son was 1 and a half ...
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