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Any Iideas on Snacks for 9Yr Old's Baseball Game?

Apples or oranges cut into slices are a quick snack too. Banannas also are a great snack. They also sell sunflower ... Healthy Snacks for Kid's Soccer Team ...

13 Month Old - Healthy Easy Meals/snacks

Read all 11 responses: "I'm looking for healthy, quick and easy to prepare meals and/or snacks for my almost 13 month old daughter.

Snacks Before Bed

SO teaching her healthy snacks is great but I would watch what I give her before bedtime. Be careful not to make a big deal about food. ...

Snack for 50+ Kids for VBS

Jun 16, 2009 ... I am in charge of snacks for our VBS this year. ... What kind of snacks would you recommend? ... Healthy on the Go Snack Recipe/ideas ...

Need Meal/snack Ideas for 17 Month Old

Oyster crackers are good for a travel snack; not healthy but good in a pinch and they don't get crushed in your bag. Any sort of muffin is good (especially ...

Preschool Snacks

Go to whole foods- they have healthy snacks already.... Goldfish baked crackers. ..very fun. Cheerios- Strawberry cheerios. Strawberries ...

Ideas for Healthy Alternatives to Donuts for Zero the Hero Day

In the beginning of the school year, a letter went out with healthy snack suggestions. All the parents are sending wonderful, healthy snacks for the ...

My Daughter Wants to Snack All the Time

By making sure that the snacks we offer are as healthy as the meal-time food, .... If she finishes w/it, let her have a different healthy snack. ...

Snacks for 10 Month Old

Goldfish probably isn't the most healthy snack but my daughter loves them! ... That way they get to taste and enjoy healthy snacks without risk of choking ...

Need More Ideas for "On the Go" Healthier Snacks...

Can you give me some suggestions for "on the go" healthy snacks? .... Kashi is a great line of foods/snacks. Not only are they healthy, contain whole grains ...
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  • bring capri suns in 2 answers "I am a baseball mom of many years and when it is my time I bring capri suns and either ..."
  • bagels with cream cheese in 2 answers "... cheese, jam, tuna, egg salad...sandwiches, crackers or bagels with cream cheese ..."
  • granola bars in 9 answers "I suggest maybe Capri Suns or any lunch drink similar and perhaps granola bars or ..."
  • from the snack shack in 2 answers "I've even passed out chips and once I bought tickets from the snack shack so they ..."
  • cut up oranges in 3 answers "... juice from Henrys, Trader Joes or your local health food store, cut up oranges ..."