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Help!!!!! Kids Lunches

I have started packing Bento Boxes for my son for lunch, and he LOVES IT. There are so many creative and healthy options. We use a Laptop Lunchbox, ...

Lunch Ideas for 17 Month Old

My kids eat pb & j bread and cheese every day for lunch, and still do! ... If your baby is picky I think it's OK if you find a couple healthy things she ...

Making Healthy Eating/snacks Easy and Convenient

The snacks are mostly for me and to send with my husband for lunch. Any suggestions on what freezes well or healthy things that are easy to eat and take ...

Lowfat, Quick Breakfast/lunch Ideas for Mom on the Run

I need some ideas for quick breakfast & lunch meals for myself. I need them to be quick, healthy and lowfat. My biggest challenge right now is lunch. ...

Great Lunch Ideas

Aug 14, 2009 ... I need some good lunch ideas for a 4 yr old, 3 yr old and 10mo old. ... Next question: Healthy Snacks for My Toddler ...

8 Year Old Girl Behavior

Sep 8, 2009 ... schools and kids may bring lunch or are paying for the healthy lunch but they are passing back and forth their treats and are permitted ...

Healthy Fun Lunch and Dinner Ideas for a Toddler

Read all 5 responses: "Hello to all of you beautiful ladies out there. So, I wanted to pick your brains for fun, interesting, HEALTHY, menu ideas for an ...

Suggestions for PreK Lunch

It can really be a challenge for us to come up with new, fun and healthy ways for our kids to take a lunch, so thanks for the request. ...

Cold Lunch Ideas

I send casseroles loaded with healthy things in my son's thermos inside his lunch box with a plastic spoon Add a juice box and a pudding cup for dessert and ...

Healthy Eating Out ?

I have only done this at lunch and never at a fancy restaurant!! Try to make healthy appetizer choices too. Don't order anything fried. ...
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  • your own lunchable type in 2 answers "If you are so inclined, you can create your own lunchable-type meal - cut the sandwiches ..."
  • grilled cheese sandwiches in 2 answers "... cheese pulled into threads, peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese sandwiches ..."
  • peanut butter and jelly in 2 answers "... that she can practice maneuvering and I smear a little peanut butter and jelly ..."
  • use cookie cutters in 2 answers "Cut off crusts that can be unappealing to many children. •Use cookie cutters to ..."
  • hot water in the thermos in 2 answers "you put hot water in the thermos for a few minutes and then put the hot food in."