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Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

I have a wonderful snack that my kids, plus my husband love to eat. Cheerios mixed with yogurt, my kids love the honey .... Healthy Snacks for My Toddler ...

Healthy Snacks for My Toddler

Read all 17 responses: "I would love some ideas on healthy snacks for my 2 year old. ... I have three kids under the age of 5 (the youngest is 2), ...

Healthy Recipes for an 11 Month Old

Does anyone have any recipes for healthy meals that taste good? ... Get the Sneaky Chef cookbook for kids by Missy Lapine. They have regular foods like ...

Healthy Breakfast

Our favorite healthy options is yogurt (plain to cut down on sugar); plain keifer (really great probiotics) and frozen fruit. My kids love strawberries and ...

Ideas for Healthy Alternatives to Donuts for Zero the Hero Day

I think it is SAD that the teacher put it on YOU to come up with the list of HEALTHY foods for the kids to receive as "rewards" for their lessons, ...

Eating Habits for Kids

Aug 20, 2009 ... Make sure that whatever snacks are available to your kids are healthy ones. Don' t think in terms of healthy foods/snacks and unhealthy treats. ...

Need Snack Ideas for 28 Kids Every Month

My son takes turns bringing snack to school about once a month. I am to bring enough for 28 kids. The ages range from 3 to 6 yrs. What are some healthy and ...

Healthy Snack to Bring to Halloween Party

Also, grapes are a good healthy snack that most kids like. 2 moms found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Nephew Out of Need Health Insurance

They can go to the state of Michigan website and apply online or print a paper application for the MI Child or Healthy Kids program. ...

Healthy Snacks for Kid's Soccer Team

But, I need some healthy & portable snack ideas for the kids, during the game ( at half-time) and after the game. I'd like to do something a little different ...
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  • celery with peanut butter in 2 answers "... grain bread with hummus smeared on it -apples or celery with peanut butter ..."
  • spread peanut butter in 2 answers "... a piece of bread & flatten it out with my rolling pin. I spread peanut butter ..."
  • egg beaters in 4 answers "I eat a 1/2 cup of Southwestern Style egg beaters on a whole wheat carb balance tortilla ..."
  • department of human services in 2 answers "Suggest to him to go apply at The Department of Human Services (formerly Family Independance ..."
  • agave nectar in 2 answers "... organic, so there will be no high fructose corn syrup), and some Agave Nectar ..."