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Trying to Find a Good Source for Whole Grain/bulk Food Ordering

I'm looking for a local bulk food supplier for whole grains / health food items ... I love buying healthy foods in bulk and trying whole foods recipes too. ...

Ideas for Healthy Alternatives to Donuts for Zero the Hero Day

I think it is SAD that the teacher put it on YOU to come up with the list of HEALTHY foods for the kids to receive as "rewards" for their lessons, ...

How to Transition to Solid Foods

My son is a healthy eater who still nurses four times a day. He eats pureed foods three times a day, and there aren't many foods he won't eat. ...

Good Foods for 1 Year Old.

I'm wanting to introduce more solid foods and move away from jar food. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on healthy foods that I could try giving ...

13 Month Old - Healthy Easy Meals/snacks

"Toddler Cafe"...great recipes and some super healthy...I modify by using whole- wheat flour...also the book "Super Baby Food" is GREAT to learn about ...

2 1/2 Year Old Refuses to Try New Foods

The other posts already said to keep offering the healthy foods, and I want to both reinforce that and add to it. It is so important at this age (and ...

18 Month Old Not Eating Usual Foods

But he always was healthy and handsome. He grew to 6'2". ... She won't try anything new and foods she loves (normally) she won't touch. ...

How Much Food Should My 6 Month Old Be Eating????

Offer a variety of healthy foods. It sounds like he's a healthy kid and growing normally. My first ate everything in sight and barely hung onto the 5% for ...

Daughter Always Wanting Food

She is growing and changing at an unimaginable rate and since she is offered healthy foods and beverages whatever portion her body needs at whatever time is ...

How Do I Get My Four Year Old to Eat New Foods?

Desert is always reserved as a reward for eating her healthy food. A constant mantra of "always try one bite" and "healthy food first" has lead to a kiddo ...
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  • there were many nights in 2 answers "I didn't give into him and there were many nights that boy went to bed hungry because ..."
  • pinto beans in 2 answers "... forgot, try guacamole, too--my daughter will eat only guacamole and pinto beans ..."
  • just keep offering in 3 answers "I would just keep offering the cut up veggies and a bit of meat....babies love finger ..."
  • much junk food in 2 answers "I don't think they should be given that much junk food at all."
  • granola bars in 2 answers "The can have things like carrots and celery sticks. Granola bars,Triscuts, Prescels ..."