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10 Month Old Refusing to Eat Food, Will Only Nurse

I must include that she has some developmental delays but has always been very healthy. She successfully started eating solid food at 6 months, ...

2 Year Old Still Likes Baby Food

Oct 27, 2009 ... Keep offering healthy kid friendly foods, she'll do fine! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

9-Month-old Eating Only Table Food

A nine month eating only table food is actually a good thing as long as it is healthy and nutritous which it sounds like it is. If you think about it, ...

11 Month Old Holding Food in His Mouth

New mommy it's ok, give him a few SAFE healthy finger foods and YOU sit down and show him how much fun it is to enjoy a meal. They will eat when hungry. ...

Needs Table Food Ideas for 9 Mo. Old

He really is no longer interested in jarred baby food, and I am really struggling with coming up with healthy table food ideas! ...

Red Dye in Food Allergy

We shop at health food stores, at Trader Joe's, or buy organics at the big stores. It has really helped. Hope this helps. J. 1 mom found this helpful ...

15 Month Old Not Eating Finger Food

She'll eat a wide variety of baby food in jars but not the same fruits/veggies cut up. She is very healthy and growing at a normal rate, but i'd love her to ...

Pregnancy and Food Poisoning

You might be able to find something similar at a local health food store in the vitamin department. Look for a product that contains patchouli, perilla leaf ...

Almost 6Year Old Only Eating Junk Food

Keep offering her healthy food for meals She will eat when she gets .... Good health starts with good food Personally I dont purchase pop or pop tarts very ...

Food Ideas for Severe Milk Allergy Toddler

I'm sure there are many products at Wild Oats or Whole Foods & other health food stores that aren't available in the regular grocery store. Check them out. ...
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  • will eat when she gets hungry enough in 2 answers "... and then she won't have the option. She will eat when she gets hungry enough."
  • allergic to red food dye in 2 answers "I have known of a child who was allergic to red food dye, and a number of other things ..."
  • dont buy junk food in 3 answers "Exactly as the last posts--- DON'T BUY JUNK FOOD!!!! When she has the choice of course ..."
  • toddlers are fussy eaters in 2 answers "... it was hard to get her on table foods... A lot of toddlers are fussy eaters ..."
  • there is no junk food in 2 answers "S., Children will not starve themselves to death. If there is no junk food in ..."