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Sleeping/eating Schedule for 11-Month Old

She is eating three solid meals and a snack and she uaually breastfeeds .... I HIGHLY recommend reading "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc ...

Not Eating Well

Everyone keeps telling me that healthy babies won't starve themselves and he ... Good luck - I'm sure he will be eating well soon - hang in there and keep ...

Eating Habits

Just make sure that you have lots of healthy choices for him to eat, and make sure he is playing (with you, or a friend) so that he's not eating out of ...

10 Month Old Not Eating... Teething

I'm still concerned because he is very active and is not eating and is drinking fewer bottles. .... healthy eating food · eating healthy food ...

How Much Should My 20 Month Old Be Eating?

I would be more concerned if he weren't eating healthy. You can try to save his meal until hes ready, that way it won't go to waste. ...

Help My Son Doesn't Want to Stop Eating!

My problem is that my son doesn't want to stop eating. ... If you are feeding him healthy foods and he is getting out and moving then do not worry! ...

11 Week Old Going 5 - 6 Hours Without Eating at Night.

11 lbs. and is a beautiful healthy baby. When he was born, he had very weak jaws and had to be ... Is it okay for a 11 lb baby to go 6 hours without eating? ...

10 Month Old Twins Not Eating Solids

When my twins were about ten months old they suddenly stopped eating baby food, and I was stuck trying to prepare 3 healthy, baby ready meals a day for them ...

Not Sure My 11 Mo Old Is Eating Enough

If he's healthy and happy he's eating enough. My grandson has always been on the skinny side. He's 5 now and I noticed he's starting to get a bit of a tummy ...

Toddler Eating Change

I would urgently stress that since she is not eating that you be paricularily concerned about the Multi you .... eating healthy food · kids eating healthy ...
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  • consult your pediatrician in 2 answers "... had issues with his feeding & jaws...I would really consult your Pediatrician."
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  • hes eating enough in 2 answers "If he's healthy and happy he's eating enough."
  • growth spurt in 2 answers "... thyroid, two a slow metabolism or he just could be going thru a growth spurt."