health insurance with no deductible

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Health Insurance for Newly Retired Parents

K.R. asks from Detroit

Hi there! My dad just got laid off from his job, and both he and my mom are under 65. Does anyone know a good resource to use when shopping for health insurance? T...


Seeking a Good Health Insurance Plan

L.S. asks from Appleton

I am looking to switch Health Insurance. I currently have Anthem Blue Cross, but I am not happy with them since they took over. They completely changed my plan withou...


Choosing Health Insurance, What's Best?

Y.K. asks from New York

hello, i'm in a process of choosing Health insurance, but don't know which one is best these are my HMO choices: Aetna, Oxford , Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shiel...


Ideas on Self Employment Health Insurance

S.H. asks from Dallas

My health insurance premium is set to renew Dec. 1st with an increase of $1,200 a year due to "heightened cost of medical treatment"! (I was already paying $310/mont...


Question About Health Insurance UPDATED INFO

E.B. asks from Austin

I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand this. My dh pays for good medical insurance through his employer. I don't really understand the whole "network" t...


Question About Having Baby with Poor Health Insurance

E.R. asks from St. Louis

My husband and I are wanting to have another baby. Our daughter turned 2 this summer, and we were talking about trying over the holidays. Here is the situation: ...


Needing a Health Insurance Policy

S.P. asks from Houston

Does anyone know of a inexpensive medical insurance policy and/or RX policy? Please let me know if you have any advice or idea. Thanks!


What's a Bigger Spending Priority than Health Insurance?

J.T. asks from New York

I admit I'm not an average American financially so I am curious and would like to be educated. When I see or hear people say they can't afford health insurance, I wo...


Looking for a New Health Insurance Policy

N.G. asks from Los Angeles

I hope somebody has a suggestion. We are 60 years old (unusual for this website) with a son a Freshman in college, and pay an absolutely ridiculous amount for health...


Rejected by Health Insurance Company. Now What?

L.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am the mother of two children ages 2 and 1. My husband is a self-employed musician programmer; I am a graduate psychology student who will graduate in 2+ ye...

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