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Needing Health Insurance

... of rates you are looking for but I know that United Healthcare works for me. ... It is not health insurance but instead a disocunt fee for service plan. ...

Individual Health Insurance

Hope you find something that works for you! Good luck! ... They have individual health insurance policies brokered through American Republic. ...

Health Insurance

I think the only free health insurance you'll find is Medi-Cal. ... generally in connection with the Cal-Works welfare program, but also available on its ...

Disability Insurance - Agent

He was referred to us by a friend and works with a lot of the large law firms downtown, ... I highly recommend Cathy Bajkowski at CB Health Insurance ...

Need Reference for Good OB/GYN Who Works Out of Good Samaritan Hospital

... Jenna Murray (thanks by the way)! but she doesn't take my insurance. ... Need Reference for Good OB/GYN Who Works Out of Good Samaritan Hospital ...

Individual Health Insurance Policy

I was the one who used to carry our health insurance through my employer. When I decided..." ... Works really great for people who have high deductables. ...

Health Insurance

AHCCCS is tax payer funded to provide short term health insurance for low income /out of ... It works great if you are in between jobs and stuff. Helpful? ...

Need Health Insurance

Just a professional opinion from someone who works in the industry. Helpful? ... My husband and I can't afford health insurance right now. ...

Seeking Advise on Health Insurance Options

I would definately check it out and see if it works for you. ... I think it is very important to have your health insurance. You would never want anything ...

What Do You Pay for Health Insurance?

Both my husband's job and my job offer family health insurance at $550..." ... My husband works for an enormous company though. We have great low co-pays, ...
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