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Extremly Stressed - Anxiety Attacks - Possible Bi Polar? I Need Advice -Help

E.T. asks from Dallas

Hi there, I get mood swings from time to time. I recently have had a medical abortion -I know my hormones and mental health are not what they normally are at the ...


8 Year Old with Severe Autisim Please Help!!!!

R.R. asks from Dallas

My friend has an 8 year old with sever autisim, she has to basically lock her house so this way the child does not run away, several times if she gets busy he will gr...



A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi All - I just started seeing a therapist and she suggested I try an antidepressant. I'm all for taking something in order to help me feel better but am leary. My ...


Autism Evaluation Vs. OCD and Tic Evaluation.

A.D. asks from Seattle

My son is on a 4-6 month waiting list to be evaluated for autism. But my concerns are more than just that. He also displays some OCD and tics. Which is more important...


What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I currently work part time as an office assistant (which I have always been) and now that my children are starting school I am starting to think about what I really w...


Adult ADHD

K.C. asks from Mansfield

OK, so I have been looking into the possibility of my 4 year old having ADHD. In my searches, I have come across several websites talking about adult ADHD and I'm sta...


Has Anyone Started Seeing Their Benefits from Obamacare Yet?

A.G. asks from Houston

Have you personally experienced anything beneficial since the AHA rolled out in 2010? Lower insurance rates? Finally getting insurance coverage on a pre-exisiting c...


Need Immediate Psychiatric Help for Bi-Polar Husband-in-patient Help?

H.S. asks from Dallas

My marraige has been a rollercoaster since day 1. I found out from my mother-in-law that my husband was diagnoised with bi-polar disorder when he was a teenager (but...


Helping an Out of Control Mom

I.M. asks from Boston

Hi all. I have a dear friend who I believe is in need of help. We both have 2 year old daughters and we get together for playdates. I have seen her be mean to her ...


Is It Possible to Help a Hoarding Step-sister?

P.G. asks from Dallas

I'm not sure when the behavior began, but it's been going on for almost 2 decades. She's a "neat" hoarder, in that things are stacked, and she cleans regularly (aroun...

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