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Food Ideas for Severe Milk Allergy Toddler

I'm sure there are many products at Wild Oats or Whole Foods & other health food stores that aren't available in the regular grocery store. Check them out. ...

Seeking Food Advice for a Toddler Who Is Allergic to Dairy, Soy and Peanuts

I found them in my regular grocery but stores like Trader Joe's, Mrs. Green's or health food stores should carry them as well. Also, goat milk yogurt or the ...

Food Co-Op

They are doing a better job carrying products, and are cheaper than Harvest Health. Contact Whole Foods Stores, they have one in Ann Arbor if enough people ...

Need Help with Food!!!

have you tried using other animal milks in food prep Such as goat's milk Ive .... is a product called Darifree that they sell in health food stores that you ...

Antibiotics Vs. Yeast W/o Yogurt

Someone else may have mentioned this but you can get probiotics at the health food store or online, for's a powder you can mix into anything ...

Help with Food Ideas, Please

Cottage cheese (small curd) or ricotta with a little flavoring, even chocolate - you can get a low-sugar one in the health food store. ...

What to Feed If Have a Wheat Allegy?

The healthfood stores carry wheat free breads Our favorite is oat bread but they .... Hi L If you have a health food store near you you can find even more ...

19 Month Old with Food & Environmenal Allergies- Help!

Probiotics may help too, they can be found at a healthfood store. Once I went to ricemike and tried to switch my girl back to soymilk, it aggravated her ...

How Do I Go Organic and Enviromentally Safe in My Home?

I needed one step more than the baking soda cleaners, so after trying almost everything in the health food stores, I started using Method products. ...

Teeth Hurting

If there is an infection, go to the health food store for a natural ... Ask the health food store, but I would take a teaspoon 3 times a day for 10 days. ...
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  • no high fructose corn syrup in 2 answers "That way there was no temptation. NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP ANYMORE!!! LOL."
  • steel cut oats in 2 answers "This would include almost all cereals except for porridges (steel cut oats with maple ..."
  • non toxic cleaners in 2 answers "... you will see your house getting just as sparkly with other, non-toxic cleaners."
  • goat milk yogurt in 2 answers "My kids love vanilla goat milk yogurt, and for breakfast we do sprouted grain toast ..."
  • try almond milk in 3 answers "Try almond milk. They come in all different flavors."