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Benefits of Having an Only Child?

J.S. asks from Detroit

I'm looking for advice from anyone that has an only child. My husband is adamant about only having one child and giving him the best future possible. I am not compl...


Child Health Plus

B.F. asks from New York

I had our son enrolled in health insurance through my grad school for the first semester (way expensive!!) while my husband got his benefits sorted out through his jo...


What's a Bigger Spending Priority than Health Insurance?

J.T. asks from New York

I admit I'm not an average American financially so I am curious and would like to be educated. When I see or hear people say they can't afford health insurance, I wo...


Newborn Health Insurance Denied

G.V. asks from Charlotte

Hi, Very thankful to see this website and answers for every questions. When I was with my first employer, my child was born. I added her as a dependent but unfortuna...


Health, Diet, and Fitness Question!

J.S. asks from Chicago

So, I kind of a have a couple of questions bundled into one request! I have a beautiful 5 month old girl, and I am now struggling to start a whole weight loss / nutr...


Idea's on Excerise and Health

A.L. asks from Killeen

Hello my name is A.. I have a 6yr old that goes to school and a 4 yr in school. My youngest child is 10 1/2 months and is home with me all day, basically I'm a stay h...


Personal Trainer?

R.N. asks from Cleveland

We had a budget meeting yesterday at our church where, among other things that I found disturbing, I found out that we will be paying a portion of the cost for the pa...


Is Nursing Really Family Friendly?

C.K. asks from Missoula

Hi ladies: I'm considering a career change from teaching (no teaching jobs in CA!!!) into Nurse Practitioner or perhaps Physician Assistant. I will have to retrain,...


How Do I Cope with the Terrible Two's

T.B. asks from San Francisco

I am in need of your prayers and energy. I am a lurker and I feel like I'm going crazy. I was laid off yesterday at my new job that I just got a month ago after bei...


Taking a Poll

M.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, My husband started a new job, and he is very upset with the owner's unprofessionalism. The owner swears and yells at employees during weekly meetings, ...

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