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My OB said that twins only run on the Mother's side of the family BUT - there are exceptions. In my case it is more than likely that I'm having twins ...

Any Advise About Having Twin

Any Advise About Having Twin. I am a mother of 2 boys and am exspecting twins in July. I feel like it is my first and don't know what to exspect. ...

Possibility of Twins?

My husband and I both want a set of twins, so I was wondering what are the common factors in having twins. See, my grandmother (paternal) had 2 sets of ...

Possibilty of TWINS?? When Did You Find Out?

Okay, I know this is silly but how many of you mommies knew from the begining ( first ultrasound ect) that you were having twins? How many found out towards ...

Could I Be Carrying Twins

Everyone is asking me if I am having twins because I am so big. This is my 3rd baby, but the first time "twin" conversation has ever..."

Seeking Advice on Moms of Twins Groups

Now that there kids are older though, they didn't have many outings & such for them, only the support of having twins. In our group we offer playgroups for ...

Pregnant with Twins!!!

You are in for some really great times and some very tiring times but they are so worth it!! there is nothing like having twins it is just amazeing that GOD ...

Pregnant with Twins!

I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins and have no idea what to expect. I have a 4 and half year old ... Next question: Found Out Yeterday We Are Having Twins! ...

Does Anyone Have Twins

Having twins is a whole different world, isn't it? I am fairly new to the site too, but I love it! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Natural Birth for Twins?

found out i was having twins in 2 answers "... But I can speak to a healthy twin pregnancy. I found out I was having twins . ...
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