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Cleaning Wood Floors

Read all 9 responses: "We recently moved into a house with wood floors. My question is, how do I clean them? Is there a daily product and a weekly or ...

Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Read all 17 responses: "Does anyone know of a good vacuum that is safe on hardwood floors? We have two cats, so we need something that really works to pick ...

Floor Cleaner for Hardwoods

Read all 18 responses: "Hello Moms, My home has beautiful hardwood floors, but lately even after mopping they look dull. I'd like to find something to bring ...

Hardwood Floors Advice

Read all 9 responses: "Hi, I have a question for everyone. We are getting new hardwood floors on our first floor. We've lived here for five years, ...

How to Remove Dark Spot on Hardwood Floor

Read all 5 responses: "Does anyone know how to remove a dark spot on hardwood floors. This dark spot is from dog pee. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where Can I Find Good Prices on Carpet and Hardwood Flooring?

Read all 9 responses: "I'm looking to add some carpet and wood flooring throughout my house. Where can I find the best deals? There are so many places out ...

Hardwood Floor in the Kitchen????

Read all 45 responses: "I'm thinking of putting hardwood floors in my kitchen instead of tile. Wondering what your experience has been if you did the same ...

Master's Flooring

We used Master Flooring to install our hardwood floors about 6 years ago and we' re extremely please with their installers. ...

Help with Hardwood Floors

Read all 11 responses: "Our house was build in the mid-sixties and has the original hardwood floors. I would really like to have them refinished eventually , ...

How to clean hardwood floor?

Read all 21 responses: "Help! I'm not a bad mom, but I am very neglectful when it comes to cleaning my floors. My house is entirely wood floors & some ...
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  • murphys oil soap in 3 answers "I have used Murphy's Oil Soap and Mop & Glo in the past- they smell and will initially ..."
  • murphys oil soap in 2 answers "I use only Murphy's Oil Soap on them."
  • hardwood floor cleaner in 2 answers "I've also used a spray on hardwood floor cleaner that's in the supermarket."
  • hard wood floors in 3 answers "I have hard wood floors though out my house too and I find that pine sol really works ..."
  • put hardwood floors in 2 answers "We put hardwood floors in the kitchen and then had a kitchen flood."