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Anyone Seen 1 of the Hard Plastic Plain-jane Style Kiddie Pools Lately?

I'm looking for a hard plastic kiddie pool, anysize, for my dogs and can't find one. I've checked Dollar General, Family Dollar, Big Lots and Wal-Mart(they ...

Raccoons Problem

Read all 15 responses: "We bought a new easy set 10 feet kids pool and it looks ... Get a dog - better yet - get two! Meduim to large dogs(bigger than the ... This year we opted of the hard-plastic version because we don't want to be ...

Getting 1 Yr Old to Stop Playing in Dog Bowls?

Doesn't havt to be hard at all but enough to get their attention that you mean .... with water in the kitchen sink, pouring water in between 2 plastic cups. ...

5 Year Old Birthday Game Ideas?!?!?!

... it (this one was hard, but we allowed them to use their hands to get it on, ... You could get some of those plastic eggs left over from Easter, ... I made blue jello and put it in bowls and they had to eat it like a dog with no hands. ... have one of those plastic pools or sand box, you could do a fossil dig. ...

How to deliver puppies at home?

Here is a list of items I would have on hand:a plastic baby pool, ... Has your vet palpated your dog to see if she can guess how many puppies she's ... fresh water for mom to drink - laboring is hard work... you know first hand I'm sure ...

Twin Boy and Girl Birthday Party Ideas

They would enjoy digging in dirt (cooler with dirt) searching for plastic bugs. ... For entertainment I had a waterslide, small inflatable pool with water and bought ... That along with hot dogs and home-made piñatas made for some festive times ... I haven't seen foam sword kits, but I doubt they'd be hard to make. ...

What Do You Get a 1 Year Old for There Birthday?

We are going to go with the Radio Flyer plastic type with rubber tires. .... they are shaped in different animals such as a dog or dinasoaur and it blows .... those climbing toys for outside-the small kind, or a little swimming pool. .... I always give a rocking horse, fisher price has a hard plastic one that all ...

Party Ideas for a 5 Year Old

Sep 30, 2009 ... Put the apples in a kiddie pool and surround it with hay bales. ... Party favors : Fill a thin plastic glove (not rubber) with kettle .... P.S. Some of those mama's have some really great ideas- like the burger and the hot dogs! .... hard boiled and peeled eggs for eyeballs, baby carrots for toes, ...

Tips on Breaking the Pacifier Habit

My sister has a child with autism and it was really hard for her to give it up. ... As for my second son the dog ate it and I did the same thing as with my ..... over (who also still had a paci) and we swam in our little plastic pool, ...

New Ideas for Playtime Activities Etc for 7 Month Old

Who woulda thought that a 97 cent blue marbled plastic bouncy ball would ... A small pool for outside on nice days with some toys will keep her very busy. ... I also have a 7 month old daughter and it is very hard to find new activities to do ... You can go to the park and see if there is someone there with dogs or ...
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