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Diaper Covers?

Other people have great luck with Happy Heinys. I say just try a few. Some are even returnable. A. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Cloth Diaper Advice

Bumgenius, Happy Heiny, Wahmies, Mommy's Touch - all of these brands have decent one sized diapers. Bumgenius is the best deal - however they are aplix and ...

Cloth Diapers

I tried bum genius, fuzzy bunz & happy heiny. I though happy heiny was the best of the pocket diapers. They were the only ones that didn't leak for him. ...

Need Some Recommendations for Reusable Dipers

The brands I've tried are bum genius, happy heinys, and haute pockets. the happy heiny's are not as cute but now that i've used them i think they are the ...

Severe Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection in Toddler That Won't Go Away!

There is a special paste that was developed at Vanderbilt called Happy Heiny. You can only get it from a pharmacy that can mix their own concoctions, ...

Cloth Diapers

Happy Heiny also has a nice one-sized diaper. .... I use BumGenius 3.0 mostly exclusively, with a Happy Heiny, some WHAM-made ones, Haute Pocket, ...

Switched to Cloth Diapers and Now Has Diaper Rash.

Have you tried a diaper with a fleece lining like Happy Heiny's? You could try different variations of cloth and see if the fabric is the problem. Helpful? ...

Diaper Fail

I use a variety of types of cloth: BumGenius, Happy Heiny, Cheeky Diapers (my favorite), GreenMountain, WAHM, GroBaby... not only am I leak free and diaper ...

What Can I Use to Soften My Cloth Diapers?

... I use mostly prefolds (blue edged DSQ premium) or contours with covers, but I do have a few pockets in the mix: BG 3.0, Happy Heiny, a Blueberry Minkee ...

Going Green: Need Cloth Diaper Advice

I also have some Happy Heinys pocket diapers that I use at night and when we have a sitter since they're so easy (but expensive.) How to deal with poop is ...
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  • dont use fabric softener in 2 answers "I only read a few down, don't use fabric softener your diapers would be much less ..."
  • use bum genius in 3 answers "I use Bum Genius One Size pockets with both of my kids."
  • moisture away from the skin in 2 answers "... the cloth diapers unlike disposables don't pull the moisture away from the skin."
  • using bum genius in 2 answers "I have a 7 month old baby boy and am using Bum Genius 3."
  • detergents for cloth diapers in 2 answers "I don't think 7th generation is one of the best detergents for cloth diapers but its ..."