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Fine China in Dishwasher?

I plan on hand-washing them always but every once and a while my husband "tries ... You should ALWAYS hand wash fine china. It is such a pain in the butt, ...

Flu Season

Good hand washing is a must. We use small bottles of anti-bacterial gel wash. The kids think it is neat and ask to use it. Helpful? ...

Washing Cabbage Patch Doll

I think I'd try spot cleaning with IMMACU-10 (enzyme based vs. chemical) and maybe HAND WASHING vs. machine. Soak it in some Woolite or something of that ...

How to Clean My down Pillows???

I totally use my washing machine and dryer on all my down bedding. So good so far. Helpful? ... Can I Put My Sweater in the Washer That Says Hand Wash Only? ...

Washing Running/tenny Shoes

Unfortunately you will ruin the shoes if you put them in the washer You can hand wash them Just rub them with a wash clothe AF ...

Kids and Bathroom/handwashing Hygiene

Oct 31, 2009 ... I'd just like to throw this out there... because hand-washing IS really important. Especially this season. BUT as a society we've gotten a ...

Washing Machine Stains

Everytime I wash and dry our clothes, a lot of them come out with weird stains ... I check the clothes before hand and get out any stain I can and make sure ...

Teachers NOT Following Good Hygiene "Rules"/Swine Flu

The other kindergarten teachers follow the same procedures with the baby wipes instead of hand washing. I taught for 6 years before staying home with my ...

How Do You Wash Your Pillows?

I wash them on a handwash cycle I used to wash them on a normal cycle and they would always come out lumpy Washing on a slower cycle seemed to keep this ...

Washing a Stuffed Animal

You can try to hand wash it or also put it in a bag with baking soda and shake it The baking soda will help get the dirt off of the toy ...
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