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Breast Pump

Hello, I bought the avent hand held pump and the medela battery/plug in. Since I had a lot of milk, the avent was the one I always used at work. ...

Best Breat Pumps and Breast Pads

I had stated in a previous post that you can use second hand pumps because all you have to do is replace or even sterilize the portions that are touching ...

Any Good Breast Pumps?

Just an FYI, pumps are considered single user medical devices and are NOT returnalbe once opened. I would start with the Medela Harmony hand pump to see how ...

Breast Pump.

the avent isis hand pump (not electric) is fantastic! works as well as the double-electric pumps. much of pumping is in your mind--you must be relaxed and ...

Breast Pumps

The hand pumps or 'mini'electrics just won't keep up a supply (also the hand pumps are tiring!!!). Many hospitals rent electric pumps...has your daughter ...

Looking for Information About Breast Pumps!

hand pump in 3 answers "I started out with a hand pump but by the time 3 minutes .... (Your hand will get tired with the manual pumps after doing it so much ...

Breast Pumps

I get more milk with the hand pump than I ever got with the electric. And I can take this everywhere - to work, on trips, etc. It's so small that I can ...


I used other hand help cheaper pumps. I nursed both of my children for 1 year .... However, I did like the Avent hand pump and the Ameda(not retail) brand ...

Advice of Buying a Breast Pump

Sep 30, 2009 ... When I stayed at home, I bought a hand pump. I used it once in a while and didn' t need the electric. Those are only $15 (appx) and very easy ...

Breast Pumps

I have a friend who used the Avent hand pump successfully for a while too. I know it seems expensive, but considering that formula costs $100 or more a ...
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