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How Do I Get Food Stains Out??

Explosive diapers-Carbona gets it out! Spaghetti sauce-Carbona gets it out! The only place I have been able to find the Stain Wizard is at Hancock Fabrics. ...

Best Place to Buy Fabric?

We bought our things from Hancock's in Plano. Custer/Parker. I've seen fabrics at Hobby Lobby, JoAnns as well. I have no idea about pricing though. ...

Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs HELP!

As far as fabric, you'll want a fairly heavy fabric, so look in the decorator fabric section of your local Joann or Hancock fabric or there's a good place ...

Need Info/opinions on Sewing Machines

I returned it to Hancock Fabrics, they agreed it was malfunctioning, and suggested a machine made by New Home. I have never been happier! ...

Birthday Party Favors

How about some felt top hats from a party store and feather boa's from any number of places like Hancock Fabrics or Michael's. I have been thinking of a tea ...

Looking for Great Consignment Shops

There's also Once Upon A Child at 183& Anderson Mill near Hancock Fabrics. I've done shopping at both places and they are great. :o). Have a great day! ...

Buying Sewing / Quilting Machine

If you are in Lewisville, Hancock Fabrics has sewing classes and they may also have a quilting class. Those instructors can help tremendously with machine ...

I Have a Microfiber Couch That the Back Cushions Are Getting Miss Shapen

You can pick it up at a store like Michael's as the other mom suggested, or a fabric store like JoAnn Fabrics or Hancock's. I figure if the sales people say ...

How to Clean/Wash Very Special Quilts

You need to test the fabrics for colorfastness first. ... I think you can get the quilt soap at like joanne's or hancock's or micheals. Good luck ...

Fabric for Wedding

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hello ladies, I have a friend that is getting married in Nov. They are looking for fabric. Lots of it, white, cheap as possible. Do any of you know where they might...

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  • dining room chair seats in 2 answers "... and they just happened to be large enough to fit over my dining room chair seats."
  • material at hobby lobby in 2 answers "I got the material at Hobby Lobby in a burgundy medium thickness fabric."
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