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I have naturally curly hair and have spent years trying to find a style that I could do anything easy with beyond the standard ponytail. ...

I Need Help with My Daughter's Hair - Its Always Tangled and Matted!

Seaerate into the "essential" style you want while still in the shower, squeeze to ring out. Avoid using a towel or running fingers through hair. ...

Advice for Cutting Toddler's Hair

I use the clippers on the bottom of his hair and hairstyling scissors on the top and around the ears. I'll break this into the three basic steps that I use: ...

Daughters Hair Is Out of control..HELP

When wearing curly, wear an elixer and a lot of styling gel. Let the hair air dry and DO NOT brush through once dry. Also...if she has trouble brushing ...

I Need Advice on Preventing Head lice...please Help!!!

They also sell hair and body products with tea tree oil already in them. .... beauty salons · how to braid · hair styling products · african hair braiding ...

How Do I Make a Bow Stay in My Daughters Hair?

Read all 17 responses: "I see lots of babys with cute bows in their hair but I cant get one to stick. I've tried KY, ... Styling a 1 Yr Old Girl's Hair ...

Seeking Help with Cosmetology Grad Party

She will be able to use it starting up also. the Cake you can ask your baker to do something with hair styling, you might even find some things on ebay for ...

5 Year Old Daughter Chewing on Her Hair

My daughter keeps chewing on her hair. I am trying to grow it out a little and because of ... Hair Styling My Girl's Hair- It's Always Stringy and Crazy! ...

Nappy Frizzy Hair! Help!

I have Natural curl hair that is thick as well. I have found that if use friz control styling products it helps. My daughters hair is thick and wavy so I ...

Looking for Tips/tricks/ideas for Getting Ready Faster

Any tips on styling curly hair or just getting ready faster in general? .... Well, for the first time in my hair styling life, I didn't need to use any ...
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